Special Request Parking

Thinking Outside of the Box!

Location Rentals

We offer competitive cost rates for public and private rentals at our parking lots and garages. Whether you’re a movie crew in need of a filming or parking location, hosting benefit, Saints fan or parade-goer wanting to reserve a parking spot, you can park with us! We can provide you with all you need for a 5 Star parking experience! Our locations have been used for…

  • Benefits and Galas
  • Mardi Gras parade spots
  • Saints Game Parking
  • Film Crew rentals
  • Wedding festivities

Valet Service

We understand a product or brand is important for the success of any company, CBD Parking product is parking and that’s why we believe in our luxury valet services. Our friendly valet staffs are trained and committed to providing a 5 Star customer service. Let us give your guests the 5 Star moments they deserve. Whether your event has 10 guests or 10,000 plus guests, our friendly valet staff is prepared to handle all their parking needs we just need their keys.

  • Graduations Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Benefits and Gala
  • Wedding festivities and More…

We can accommodate you at any one of our locations! Just schedule the date/time you need…


 Parking Made Easy…